Things NOT to say to the injured runner

It’s National Running Day.  I hope you all have a wonderful day and get out there for a good run.  I thought I would share some of the things that have been said to me in the past couple months as I’ve dealt with my injury.  Maybe it will help you all learn to better communicate with the injured runner in your life.

All of these things have been said to me (in some form or another).  For the most part, I have kept the snarky comments to myself.

“I felt so great on my long run this morning.  Like I could have run forever”

I will shoot you with my mind bullets.  I want to be happy for you that you had a great run, but right now I can’t run to the end of my driveway, so please understand when I respond with a generic ‘oh, that’s nice.’

“I just registered for this great new race!  You should do it too.”

Please see the above regarding not being able to run to the end of my driveway.  I hope you enjoy your new race.  Maybe I’ll volunteer….and try not to cry when the starting gun goes off.

“I just ran my highest mileage month ever!”

Yippee for you!  Normally, I would be thrilled for you.  But, I currently have to measure my workouts in yards, instead of miles.  Swimming is not the same as running. 

“I love marathon training.  It gives me an excuse to eat more!”

I am currently at my highest post-baby weight.  I feel fat and sluggish.  If I look at that dessert I will gain more weight.  Here, have my piece of cake.  You’ll get to run it off tomorrow.

“I’m sure you’ll be back to running soon.”

Really?!?  Are you a doctor?  Because I haven’t run in months and nothing has happened that would lead me to believe I will be running anytime in the foreseeable future.  If you have a magical, healing elixir, I would love to know about it.

“It was too [hot, cold, wet, windy, humid] for me to run today.”

You do realize that you get to do this, right?!?  I would currently give my right kidney to be able to run.

Happy National Running Day!  Run an extra mile for me.


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