June recap

I swam in June.  It is all I did.  But, that isn’t nothing.  It is me being active and doing it the only way I can.  I swam about 23,350 yards.  Ish.  My math might be off.  But, that is just over a half marathon!

I’m learning a lot about swimming.  My streak of not drowning is still intact.  I am not quite ready to call myself a swimmer, but I will say that I do know how to swim.  That might just seem like semantics to you.

I am working toward some treatment options for the injury.  I had my first injection almost two weeks ago and I’m scheduled for the second one next week.  I was hoping for more relief from the first one, but I’m still hopeful that this may get me back running again soon.

I am looking forward to July for more than just the hope of pain relief.  The third weekend in July is our local 5K/10K, the Jamison Kampmeyer Memorial Run, and Jaden is going to be running the 5K race all by himself.  (I can’t run and Tim couldn’t get off work.)  While I’m bummed that one of us can’t run it with him, I am super excited for him to take on his third 5K this year!  I’m looking forward to volunteering at race day registration and then cheering my brains out for my little boy.  At the end of the month, I will be volunteering at the Hub Cities Duathlon; an event I have been a part of every year since it’s inception. 

I’m trying to stay positive even though it has been months since I’ve been able to run.  I think my running shoes miss me.  I know I miss them.  In the meantime, I’m still training Tim to run his first marathon in November.  He vacillates between being excited at the prospect and being convinced that he will never be able to do it.  Just like most first time marathoners!


2 thoughts on “June recap

  1. Do hang in there, Heather…it isn’t easy. Glad the swimming is working and you haven’t drowned yet. Hang in there and good luck to your find boy in the 5K!!!

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