Injection #2

Today was my second set of lumbar injections at Bone and Joint.  The process was remarkably similar to the first set of injections a couple weeks ago.  My arrival time was 10:00.  Why they need me to arrive 90 minutes before the procedure is scheduled is something I don’t quite understand. 

I skipped the Valium this time.  Last time I ended up being completely useless for the entire day, thanks to the Vitamin V.  These injections were slightly more painful (because I didn’t take the Valium?), but still not too bad.

I talked with the doctor a little bit about the amount of pain relief I got from the first set of injections.  We spent some time differentiating the different pain I was experiencing.  I am still having pain in the hip/iliac crest area.  The injections aren’t going to do anything for that pain.  They are just going to help with the back pain.  I rated the first injection at about 50% for the short term relief of the back pain.  (very short term-about 2 hours)

This time, after she did the injections, she kept me on the table and used the Xray guidance to determine exactly where I was having the hip pain.  Initially she thought it was SI joint, but we determined it was definitely more pelvis/iliac area.  It could be related to the back pain, but until the back issue is resolved, we won’t know for sure.

After the procedure, they gave me the same after care instructions and sent me home.  I had to record a pain diary for 8 hours post procedure and was told to expect relief for the first 2-3 hours and then increasing pain up to my baseline after that.

When I got home, I decided to take the dog for a walk to see how I was feeling.  Nothing really hurt, but it wasn’t like I felt fantastic.  But, how’s this for pain relief?  When I got back from the walk, I moved the laundry from the washing machine to the dryer.  It didn’t hurt! 

That might seem pretty insignificant to most people, but it was a huge deal for me.  That hasn’t happened in months.  Unfortunately, by the time the clothes were done in the dryer and it was time to fold them, the pain came back.

The next step is a follow up office visit in about 2 weeks.  At that point, we will discuss whether the relief I felt was significant enough to make me a candidate for the median branch neurotomy.  If I am, that procedure would probably be scheduled for the beginning of August.  If not, I have no idea what will happen.  But there will be tears.

So, I guess I’ll just wait a couple weeks and see what the doc says at the next appointment.  I covet your prayers and positive thoughts.


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