Jamison Kampmeyer Memorial Run

This is the first race I ever ran…5 years ago.  It went by a different name then.  This would have been the 6th time for me to run it.  Instead, I volunteered at race day registration.  Then I hopped on Tim’s bike and cheered Jaden on as he ran the race.  I got to see a lot of friends out on the course and being able to cheer for everyone took away a little bit of the sting of not being able to run it myself.

At the start line with our friend Sarah, who went on to get a 5K PR!

About half a mile in…looking good.

Around 2 1/2 miles. 

Sprint to the finish!

He got 2nd place in his age group.

We live in a fast neighborhood.  These are the trophy winners from our corner (literally).

Jaden had a great time and was thrilled with his trophy.  This was his third 5K of the year.  While it was his slowest race, it is the first time he has run one without me or Tim ‘pacing’ him along the way. 

The race honors a fallen local firefighter and there were several local firefighters and members of the National Guard who participated.  It is amazing to see these guys come out and support our small community.

This is shorter than my usual race recaps.  I guess I’m just a bit bummed that I didn’t get to run this year.  I was glad to be able to volunteer and I hope that next year I will be back, and better than ever.


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