Hub City Days Duathlon

Last weekend I got to volunteer at another local race.  The Hub Cities Duathlon is in it’s fourth year and I have competed each of the previous three years.  I was really disappointed that I wouldn’t be able to participate this year because I love the idea of ‘streaking’ and participating in an event every year from its inception.  Since I couldn’t participate, the only way to keep the streak alive was to volunteer!

And I had a blast!  Because it is a local race, I knew a lot of people who were participating.  From my volunteer positions, I was able to get a lot of pictures and cheer for a ton of people.  Naturally, I brought my cow bell.  People love the cowbell.

The race consists of two 2-mile runs with a 14 mile bike ride sandwiched in between.  I was stationed on each of the run courses.  The first run, I was about a half mile from the end.  It was great to see the leaders and be amazed at how incredibly fast they were.  There were three waves of start times, about 2 minutes apart, so there wasn’t too much of a time difference between the leaders and the last run/walkers to come through.  That gave me plenty of time to get to my second run station. 

I almost missed seeing the winner come through the second run.  He was so speedy!  He finished the course in one hour and eleven seconds.  He was almost 3 minutes ahead of the second place finisher.  At my second station, I was able to see the runners twice, since they were heading into an out-and-back section of the course.  On the ‘out’ I would let them know that they were heading straight onto a trail section.  On the ‘back’ I would encourage them to push hard because the finish was only a few more blocks.

It was great seeing the different athletes.  Some looked so relaxed and focused.  Others really seemed to be struggling.  I can certainly understand their struggles.  While it is a relatively short course, the bike section does have a couple hills.  And the weather was quite warm and very humid. 

The organizers were great about getting information out to the volunteers.  I wasn’t able to attend the info session on the evening before the race, and they emailed me all the things I needed to know.  I showed up the morning of the event, they gave me my T-shirt and a map with my volunteer stations on it.  They invited me to come back after the event and join in the party and eat the food.  I didn’t because I had to get home.

I had a blast volunteering.  I have enjoyed seeing things from a different perspective this year.  I have always appreciated the volunteers at all the events I have participated in and now that I have been on that end of things, I appreciate them even more. 

But I still hope I can participate next year.


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