I just need one thing to go my way

I have been holding off talking about my new job on the blog.  I am super excited about the job, so I’m not sure why I haven’t been sharing that excitement.  Maybe because in the back of my mind, I know that things just haven’t been going my way this year, and I didn’t want to get too excited about anything.

Well…I guess I shouldn’t have gotten my hopes up.  Let me back up.  After two years of nursing school and months of filling out applications and going on interviews, I was offered my dream job.  I got a part time position in the operating room of a local hospital!  I was beyond thrilled. 

I was offered (and accepted) the job two weeks ago.  After that, I had to quickly schedule my pre-employment physical, so that I could get into the orientation class that was scheduled for the 18th.  I was able to get the physical scheduled for the 11th. 

I drove over to the clinic and they did some fasting labs, took my vitals, and had me talk with the nurse practitioner.  Then I was sent to physical therapy for the back evaluation.  I was nervous about this part.  It is essentially a fit-for-duty assessment.  The therapist has me perform a series of exercises: lifting, bending, pushing, pulling, etc. to be sure that I am capable of fulfilling the job description.  I talked with her about my back pain and about the ablation.  We talked about proper body mechanics and some of the ways I have been compensating to deal with the pain.  She was satisfied that I could handle the job requirements.  After that, I was excited and ready to start orientation the following week.

Fast forward to Friday of that week (three days before I was scheduled to start orientation).  I received a call from Employee Health.  She told me that they weren’t able to clear me to start work without a note from my doctor at Bone and Joint stating that I had no restrictions and that I could start work.  I received this phone call at 2:00 pm.  I freaked out.  I called Bone and Joint, but (naturally), the doctor had left for the day.

I eventually talked to one of the nurses and gave her the contact information of the person I talked to in Employee Health.  She was able to get a copy of the job description and said that one of the nurse practitioners in the office would review it and fax a form over to the hospital.  Ok.  Great.

An hour or two passes and I get another phone call from Employee Health.  She informs me that I will be unable to start the orientation class on Monday because I was only cleared for sedentary work until my follow up with the doctor.  What?!?!??  Devastated. 

I hung up the phone and cried.  It was already 5:00, but I quickly called Bone and Joint to see if I could move up my follow up appointment.  It was scheduled for the 26th, but I was able to move it and get in to see the doctor yesterday afternoon.

The appointment was not what I had hoped for.  Obviously, I’m still having pain.  I’m not getting the relief I had hoped for from the procedure.  I talked to the doctor and she told me to “be patient” and “keep waiting” and “sometimes these things take time.”  At this point, I’m not sure if I should believe her, or if she is just Pollyanna-ing me.  I like her less each time I see her.  She explained to me that she deals a lot with my type of pain.  She told me that 80% of her practice is procedures like mine.  She expects the pain relief to take a while.  I don’t actually care about 80% of her practice.  I want her to focus on me, not what everyone else goes through.  I don’t feel like she is listening to me.

She did write me a prescription for some lidocaine gel to apply topically to the spot that is burning.  I guess this is a side effect that a small percentage of patients experience.  I have another appointment scheduled in 4 weeks.  Hopefully there will be more pain relief at that point.  I asked her about physical therapy and she said that I could start if I wanted to, but that I needed to take it easy.  She gave me a referral.  I’ll probably drop that off at the local therapy center this week and see if I can get something scheduled.

As for the work situation, we talked about it and she said that she would fax something over to Employee Health stating that I could be put on ‘medium duty.’  I don’t know exactly what that will mean to Employee Health.  I am hoping that Employee Health will get that form by the end of the day today and that I will hear something from them regarding when/if I can actually start working.

This whole situation has really made me wonder if I will ever get a ‘win.’  I thought I had one when I got the job.  I was the happiest I have been in months.  Then, as has happened often this year, the floor was dropped out from under me.  Nothing is going right.  I just can’t get a break.  All I want to do is crawl into a deep hole and disappear.

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