August Month in Review

August running mileage: 4! I actually got to run four miles this month.  That is eight days of running half a mile.  It is really nothing to get excited about—except that it is really something to get excited about!!  I’m not running fast (about a 12 minute pace) and I’m still only allowed to do half a mile every other day.  I’m hoping that I can slowly increase that mileage after my next follow up appointment.

Walking: I walked 83 miles in August.  I walked almost every day.  It gave me a reason to at least get moving.  I have a very nice 3 mile loop around town that I do almost every day.  I stick to the same loop because I know the ups and downs of the pavement—and I don’t want to twist an ankle in the dark!

Swimming:  11,900 yards.  (6.76 miles)  The pool was closed the first week of the month and I just didn’t get there as much as I wanted to.  I still don’t love swimming, but I think that it definitely has its place in my ongoing training.y

Injury update:  At the beginning of the month, I had my ablation procedure.  A couple weeks after that, I went back for the follow up appointment.  So far, it hasn’t been everything I hoped it would be.  The doctor keeps telling me to be patient.  She obviously doesn’t know me at all.  Smile

I have been going to physical therapy and I have been very diligent in completing my exercises and stretches.  I’m trying really hard not to do the things I’m not supposed to do.  I have another follow up in a few more weeks.

Job update:  I was offered a nursing position on the Operating Room at a local hospital on August 8th.  Then, after the pre-employment physical, the job was put on hold due to the back pain.  I was playing the waiting game for a couple weeks, but last Friday, I got the call that I would be starting…TODAY!!  I can’t wait.

I hope that things continue to improve on all fronts.  I’d love to have less pain and be able to run more.  Hopefully September will be a good month.


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