Another setback

Sad smile

This is easily the most challenging year I have had.  After the epidural injection I had the beginning of November, I experienced some relief from the back pain that had been plaguing me for so long.  I had been slowly increasing my running and was up to four slow miles.  Unfortunately, over the past couple weeks, the pain has returned to my lower back.  It is the same type of pain that I had been dealing since last winter.  I haven’t run in an entire week.  I am usually taking ibupofen a few times a day.

I called my doctor to see what she thought.  She suggested just scheduling another epidural injection.  The only day available was December 29th.  I’m excited to get it scheduled before the end of the year (met my deductible months ago).  But, that day is my son’s 9th birthday and I was hoping to be able to take him to breakfast since I have to work an evening shift that day.  Instead, I’ll be heading in early for my injection and then going to work a full day.  I questioned whether I should work that day, but I was reassured that as long as I didn’t take any Valium, I should be able to work after the procedure.  Since I have no intention of taking the Valium, I guess I’ll go to work.  I might have to sit on an ice pack during my lunch break.

I’m also looking at a change in my activities after the first of the year.  Saturday night we went to Jaden’s tae kwon do Christmas party.  They always have some door prizes that they give away at the end of the night.  One of the prizes is a beginner package that includes a uniform and 6 classes.  My cousin’s daughter won the prize.  But, since she and her brother and her dad are already enrolled, my cousin insisted that I take the beginner package.  In all honesty, I have been looking forward to taking tae kwon do classes for a while.  Jaden has been going for two years.  I assumed that I would wait until Logan was old enough to go (in about 2 years) and then I would go with him.  But, I might as well give it a go right now.  We’ll see how it works with my back.


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