Looking back and looking forward

2014 has been a year of ups and downs.  Obviously, my back injury has been on my mind most of the year.  It has slowed me down and really tested my mental strength this year.  On the up side, I graduated from nursing school and found an awesome job that I LOVE!

Looking back at my running goals that I set the beginning of the year, I can see a big fat ZERO in that department.  I wasn’t able to run any of the goal races that I set for myself, due to my back injury.  An additional disappointment was that I couldn’t run Tim’s first marathon with him either. 

In fact, the only races I did this year were four 5K races that I did with Jaden (and Tim).  None of them were fast.  Most of them included walking breaks.  But, I got to do them with my son, so I can’t be completely disappointed.

I am pretty happy with the way school and work have gone for me this year.  Finishing nursing school was appropriately stressful and I’m glad that it is over.  I spent the entire summer applying for and interviewing for jobs.  I was actually offered a different job, but when I got the offer from the OR, I knew that was the perfect fit for me.  I have loved learning this position and I am excited to continue to get more comfortable in the role. 

Family life has had its ups and downs this year too.  Things were a bit tight financially while I was in school and before I found a job.  That limited what we were able to do as a family.  Tim and I were able to enjoy some free outdoor concerts this summer while taking advantage of my dad as a babysitter.  It was a great chance for us to have some time to reconnect as a couple. 

We celebrated our 10th anniversary with a nice dinner out.  It wasn’t the fantastic vacation we had hoped to take for our 10th anniversary, but I think that will really make us appreciate the eventual trip we do take.

And hopefully, 2015 will give us a chance to take a small trip.  Since I just started a new job, I don’t have a lot of vacation time available.  But, it would be nice to take a short trip somewhere, maybe just a long weekend away from the kids.

I am also hoping that 2015 is a year when I can start to heal from the injury that has plagued me for the last year.  I had another epidural injection earlier this week and I am hoping for the pain relief to last longer this time.  My goal for my running is to be able to run the Celcom half marathon in Green Bay in May.  It has been a bucket list race for me for a while.  Since I am probably going to be limited in the races I will be able to run (if any), I want to make sure that I focus on events I really want to do.

I know that my times are going to be slower than I have been in the past.  After dealing with this injury and not being able to run, I am just really hoping to be able to get out there and do some running.  It has been a rough year in that department.  I only managed 271 running miles in 2014 (and 111 of those miles were in January).

I think 2015 has the potential to be a great year for my career.  By the middle of February, I will have finished the 6 month orientation period.  I am hoping to look into some Master’s Degree programs to potentially enroll in by the end of the year, or early 2016. 

What are your plans for 2015?  Any awesome goals?


One thought on “Looking back and looking forward

  1. You learn a lot from these times, Heather. Way to hang in there. Build into your marriage and kiddos…that’s what will truly last. Here’s hoping for a good 2015!!

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