February month in review

February was a pretty decent month for running…at least the first half was.  Sometime around the middle of the month, the back pain started returning.  I saw my doctor and I’m getting another epidural Monday morning.

I managed 65 miles of running for the month.  I’m pretty happy with that, considering it is a short month, and I am only averaging three runs a week (not counting my daily mile at lunch on the days I’m working).  I worked my ‘long run’ up to 6 miles.  I’m only increasing it by 1/4 mile each week.  I’m tossing around the idea of a spring/summer half marathon, so I might need to increase a bit faster.

Unfortunately, I still haven’t been in the pool.  My work schedule doesn’t allow me to get there during the times the pool is open.  However, my almost-6-month orientation is complete and my schedule opens up a bit now, so I’m hoping to be able to find the time to hit the pool again.

Speaking of work, I had a second weekend of ‘buddy call’ toward the end of February.  I was really hoping that it would be a huge confidence booster and I would feel ready to tackle anything that comes my way when I am on call by myself.  Well, I certainly wouldn’t call it a confidence booster.  I still feel like I have so much to learn.  During the days, I know that there are people around and I generally don’t worry too much.  If I have questions, or I can’t find something, I can just ask someone.  But when there is a procedure in the middle of the night, my options are much slimmer.  To say I am nervous about my first night of call (next week) would be an understatement.

I am still really enjoying tae kwon do.  I will finally promote to a high white belt next weekend.  I feel completely ready and I can’t wait to start learning even more skills.  My favorite part of tae kwon do is kicking.  I love feeling strong and powerful with a great roundhouse kick.  I can’t wait to add the spinning and jumping to my kicks!  Jaden enjoys giving me his ‘advice’ on how I should be doing things in class.  Smile  I think he is really enjoying being ahead of his mom. 


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