May Month in Review

Is anyone else completely astonished that May is over already?!?  I am convinced that time moves faster as I get older.

May was a pretty decent month for me.  I got some pretty good running in.  I got the bike out of the basement and I even got in the pool for a swim workout.  All of that is leading up to an interesting event coming in June.  First…the numbers.

I ran 92 miles in May.  My highest mileage in more than a year and a half.  I hope that the trend continues.  This puts me at 401 miles for the year.

I did one dust-off-the-bike ride of about 10 miles.  The bike is now getting a tune up.  It needs it after not being ridden for almost two years. 

I struggled through a 1500 yard swim workout a couple days ago.  It has been over 5 months since I was last in the pool and anyone who saw me would know.  It wasn’t pretty.

I did a couple of races in May.  The first was a local 5K with Jaden.   He got a PR and we had an amazing time.  A couple weeks later, I did my first half marathon in 19 months.  I ran the Cellcom half marathon with a friend.  I had a great time, even though it was hard to adjust to my new, slower pace.

I have a few races coming up in June that I am very excited about.  The first is the Kolor for Kids run, right in our hometown.  We will actually be able to walk to the start line.  This is a color run that benefits Children’s Miracle Network.  Jaden is very excited to get all colorful. 

Our next event is a fun, family 5k.  We are going to do the Stratford Heritage Days 5K.  This one is on a Friday night, so no one has to take a day off work and we can all run it together.

The very next day, I will wake up bright and early to do my first (and only?) triathlon.  The UltraMini triathlon raises money for the Foundation of Nager and Miller Syndrome.  The only biggest reason I decided to do this event was because the swim portion takes place in a pool.  It starts with a 1/4 mile swim, followed by a 20K bike ride (12.4 miles), and finishes with a 5K run.  I’m hoping that I can handle that.  Either way, I think it should be a good time, and a new adventure.

I may try to add one more 5K with Jaden in June if it works out.  He is having a good time running them and I LOVE doing it with him.  I am hoping that I can get through June without the back pain coming back.  Maybe I can push the next injection off a little bit longer. 

I am still tossing around the idea of doing a fall half marathon.  Any suggestions?


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