June Month in Review (and back injury update)

Is anyone else having a hard time believing that the year is half over?  I don’t want summer to go buy so quickly.  I’m having way too much fun!  I’m running and biking and even doing a bit of swimming.

My June running mileage was 81 miles.  That brings my yearly total to 482 miles.  Not too shabby.

I am quickly falling in love with my bike.  I rode 102 miles in June.  I’m hoping to do more than that in July.  There is something very peaceful about riding through the countryside.

I managed to get in the pool for 3 swim workouts in June.  If I want to do another triathlon this summer, I’m going to have to do some more swimming.

I ran a couple races in June.  I did a few local 5Ks with the family.  But I have to say that my first triathlon was the highlight of the month for me.  I had the best time ever!  I knew before I even crossed the finish line that I wanted to do another one.

I also met with my doctor to talk about my back.  This was a follow up after my last injection, which was the end of April.  I’m surprised that I am still feeling so much relief from that injection (*knocks on wood*).  The ones before it usually lasted about 8 weeks before I would have pain again.  I still feel good (*knocks on wood again*). 

I told my doctor about my half marathon and about the triathlon.  I told her I was really enjoying riding my bike.  She was glad that I was still going well.  But she had some cautions for me as well.  I expected as much.  She said that she would rather I do triathlons than half marathons.  She said I could do one half marathon a year.  Even though I really want to do another one this fall, she tried to discourage me. 

I told her I had run 10 miles that morning.  Her response was that I should not do a double digit run more than once every other week and to keep my other runs shorter than 6-7 miles.  At this point, she was kind of a killjoy. 

She was very supportive of me getting back into more consistent swimming.  I would love to go more often, but it is hard with my schedule.  She also told me that I had to get the handlebars raised on my bike.  Aerodynamics are of no concern to her.  She basically wants me sitting upright when I ride.  I do think that would be more comfortable for my back, especially on the longer rides.  I’ll have to look into that.

She also warned me to keep track of the mileage on my shoes.  I should look to retire them between 350-400 miles.  I do keep track of my shoe mileage on my running log, so I can easily see when it is time to put a pair out to pasture.

All-in-all, I think it was a good appointment.  I understand where her advice is coming from.  But it is hard to try to take it easy when I still feel so good. 

I think June was a pretty awesome month.  I hope July goes as well.  I have a couple 5Ks lined up and a duathlon. 

What is on your calendar?


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