August Month in Review

August was a rough month for me.  I only ran 27 miles.  I only biked 38 miles.  I haven’t run or biked since August 15th.  Since the end of July, I had been dealing with some pain that I thought was related to my back injury.  I eventually made an appointment to see my doctor.  She diagnosed it as piriformis syndrome.  While I am happy that the pain isn’t related to my back, I am super bummed that there is just on more thing that is keeping me from being active.

Right now, I am seeing my physical therapist for ultrasound and massage.  I am doing some stretches.  I am trying to (gently) work the muscle and the nerve.  The worst part about piriformis syndrome is that that muscle sits right on the sciatic nerve.  So, not only does my @ss hurt, but I get these stingers down my left leg.

I originally had high hopes for some races/events I wanted to participate in during September.  I wanted to do my second triathlon this month.  Unfortunately, it just doesn’t appear to be in the cards for me. 

The other day, I had a physical therapy appointment in the morning.  It was the perfect fall morning, and I wanted nothing more than to go for a 10 mile run.  It was the kind of morning that long distance runners dream of.  Instead, I had to settle for a 40 minute walk after my therapy appointment.

I am hoping that I can get some relief from this injury and that I can get back to some running.  And I would love to get on my bike again before it gets too cold.  I feel like I am missing out on the last decent weather central Wisconsin will have until the end of April.


2 thoughts on “August Month in Review

  1. Dang. This is a rough season, Heather. I’m so glad we did meet and I know your spirit and perspective better. You’ll make it. At the same moment, it is SO TOUGH to see these beautiful mornings and not be able to go for a long run.

    Hang in there, take care of yourself, keep loving your family, it’ll work out. You have good caregivers. Persevere!!!!

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