September month in review

So…September was the month I had another appointment to follow up on the acute (piriformis) and chronic (back) pain issues I’m dealing with.  I had to see a different doctor because my usual doc is still on maternity leave.  I liked the new doc.  He took his time to listen to me and get to know me.  He prescribed me a topical NSAID to apply to the piriformis.  We talked about treatment options for both issues. 

He thinks I should continue the physical therapy, especially since I am getting results from the ultrasound treatments.  We talked through a few other options and decided to schedule another epidural injection to treat the back pain.  My back has been getting worse over the past few weeks.  Even if the piriformis issue were to completely resolve immediately, I would still be in pain because of the back issues.  There is a small chance that the back injury may be partly to blame for the piriformis injury; thus the epidural injection may help to treat the piriformis as well as the back pain.  (It is a small chance and I am not counting on it, but I know that I get back pain relief from the injection, so we are going to go with what we know works.)  If, after the injection, I still have piriformis pain, there are other treatment options we can address.

Dr. New-Guy said that I could start running if I wanted to.  So, I have carefully started running.  One mile here, a mile and a half another day.  The miles are slow.  I haven’t done more than two miles in a row.  I’m hoping to work up to a 5K in the next couple weeks. 

Instead of having a big goose egg for September mileage, I ran a whopping 7 miles.  I’m at about 564 miles for the year. 

I still haven’t been on my bike.  There are precious few days left before I will have to put my bike away for the winter.  I would desperately love to get back on it, but I think that it will probably have to wait for the spring.  I don’t want to end up 20 miles away from home and in too much pain to get back.

There are a few races coming up that I would like to do this fall/winter.  If I do decide to pursue it, they will be run at a leisurely pace.  We’ll have to see how I feel after the injection at the end of October.

I appreciate the prayers, good vibes and encouragement I have been getting.  You guys are the best!mont


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