Eleven 2018

Mornings are rough at our house




Week in training (2/9/13)

Here is what my week in training was supposed to look like: (vs what it actually looked like)

Sunday: 4 miles easy 4 miles easy

Monday: 6×400 intervals 6×400 intervals

Tuesday: 6 miles easy.  (I may change this to a tempo run.) 6 miles easy pace.  The effort was not as easy….there was NO WAY I was going to add tempo.

Wednesday: 4 miles (possibly might add some incline work)  3 miles, no incline.  Super tired and no motivation.

Thursday: rest day.  I’ll be at the hospital all day for clinical.  Rest!

Friday 4 miles easy 4 miles easy, added a couple minor inclines

Saturday: 6 miles. 6 miles, last mile at tempo.

I had a super busy week with school.  In fact, the only reason I have time to write this right now, is because I’m waiting for our dinner to finish cooking and I can’t study in the kitchen with two loud kids running around and a dog underfoot!

Welcome Samson

After my beloved cat disappeared in early September, I have been on the lookout for a new feline to add to our family.  (We think Gabe escaped through the open garage door…I had him for over 11 years.)

A family from our church was looking to get rid of a cat that they had recently brought into their family.  This new cat was getting into territorial conflicts with their older cat. 

And that is how Samson came to live with us.  He is still adjusting (i.e. couldn’t find the litter box the first night) but I think he is going to fit in.  They boys adore him!