April Month in Review

Running miles: 80  Not my highest mileage, but I feel pretty good about it.

Mileage year-to-date: 309.  Pretty decent considering it is more than I ran all of 2014!

I ran two races in April.  The first was a local 5K with Jaden where he took 2nd place in his age group! 

The second was a marathon relay with a group from our tae kwon do studio.

And speaking of tae kwon do, I took place in our local tournament and got second place for my form.  I also promoted to my yellow belt.  I am still loving tae kwon do and I wish I could go more often.

I had another epidural injection the end of April, so my back actually feels pretty good right now. 

I have a couple races coming up in May.  The first is another 5K with Jaden next weekend.  It is chocolate themed and right up our alley!!  Then I am going to do the Cellcom half marathon on May 17th.  I can’t believe it has been about 19 months since my last half marathon. 

I am still hoping to get my bike out of the basement.  The weather has finally warmed up (for good?) and I hope that my back will allow me to ride this year.  I would love to do the local duathlon in July.

What races are you training for?

Another injury (and training)update

This past Monday I ventured over to Bone and Joint for another epidural injection.  I believe this was my third one.  The process was the same as the others.  I went in the morning, because I had to work later in the day.  I know I’ve worked after previous injections, but could someone please remind me that it just isn’t a good idea.  While she is quite skilled at administering the local anesthetic, once it wears off, the rest of my day is quite uncomfortable.  I was fortunate that my colleagues picked up some of my slack for the rest of the day.

After the injection, we spoke briefly about my running.  I told her that I had registered for the Cellcom half marathon and that my training had me approaching double digits for my long runs.  She was on board with me running Cellcom.  But what she said next pretty much devastated me.  She said “nothing longer than a half marathon, right?” 

She was so casual and nonchalant about it.  She made it sound like this was something we had previously agreed on.  I was not aware that this was the agreement we had!  I didn’t know that I was never going to run another marathon.  I am still processing this new development.  Intellectually, I can understand why she is saying this.  But I just can’t bring myself to agree with her yet.

In happier news, I ran my longest run in almost 19 months on Friday morning. 

The 11.11 miles was in honor of our 11tth anniversary yesterday.  My husband is a bit of a numbers freak and I knew it would make him smile.  This is my first double digit run since my last half marathon in October of 2013.  I was a little anxious about how this run would go.  I did a 9.5 mile run two weeks ago and it was awful!  By stark contrast…this run was incredible.  I felt fantastic for the majority of it.  I won’t lie; the last mile hurt a bit.  Part of that might be because I was running faster than I’m ‘allowed.’  I am still supposed to keep my pace between 10-11 minute miles.  Even though I am undertrained, my pace still creeps up.  I feel most comfortable around 9:20-9:40, but I force myself to slow down.

The training run gave me some confidence a couple weeks out from Cellcom.  I am really looking forward to the race.  I am not sure how I will feel afterwards, but I hope that my body (i.e. my back injury) handles the experience well.  If that is the case, I may look into a fall half marathon.

What are you training for? 

A great Saturday

A couple months ago, my friend Jess and I had this great idea to get some people from our tae kwon do studio to do the local marathon relay. 

The race was just a few weeks before the half marathon that I had signed up for, so I decided it would be a good chance to get in a 10-miler.

Tim and Jaden signed up for the 5K.  Don’t mind the look on Tim’s face.  It was only his third run since last fall’s marathon.  He gives new meaning to ‘recovery.’  Jaded did great!  It was his 2nd 5K in three weeks.  Once again, he ran the whole thing without any walk breaks.  I’m really proud of him.  He keeps mentioning wanting to do a 10K this year.

As for my race, we had to leave the starting area early to drop my car off where I was going to finish my leg of the relay.  We ended up missing our first runner, but we saw her at the transition area. She took a quick breather and ran with our second runner up to where I was going to take over.  We realized when we got to the next transition, that the map wasn’t horribly accurate.  Instead of each of our first runners doing about 4 miles, the first two legs totaled a little over 10 miles. 

I knew that my section was going to be a little bit short of the 10 miles I was aiming for.  No matter, I was just happy to be running.  Eventually, it was my turn.  I started off and suddenly Everything. Was. AWESOME! (my apologies to Lego) 

The sun was shining.  I could feel the trail under my feet.  I had an awesome play list (thanks to Tim).  The birds were singing.  I just felt so wonderful.  I looked down at my watch and saw an 8:17 pace!  That is well faster than the 10:00-11:00 minute pace I am ‘allowed’ by my doctor.

I kept trying to slow myself down, and eventually I did, but my overall pace was 9:57.  My total distance ended up being 9.25 miles.  I ran just shy of 9 miles for the relay and then I handed off to the next runner.  Then I did a mini out-and-back on the road to increase my mileage a little bit.  (9:13, 9:48, 9:59, 10:13, 10:18, 10:03, 10:05, 10:02, 9:55, 9:47 [for .25 mile])

After I handed off, I had to jump in the car and drive to the next exchange zone to pick up the runner I just handed off to.  I got there before he did and Jess and I took advantage of the opportunity for a selfie.

Jess was the last runner and once we saw her coming we went out to meet her and ran in together.

We had the best time ever!  And, as an added bonus, we ended up in third place!

After the race, I did a quick baby wipes ‘shower’ and changed my clothes.  I grabbed some lunch from the salad bar at the grocery store and then headed to my tae kwon do promotion.

We had some family fun times with my cousin, Kevin and his daughter Makenna.  She promoted to high blue, Kevin to green, and I finally got my yellow belt!

Don’t I look hard-core!

It was an amazing day.  Unfortunately, my family didn’t get to see much of it.  After the 5K, Tim took the boys back home.  Originally, they had planned on coming up to watch my promotion, but grandpa came back from Texas and the boys were much more interested in that!

How was your weekend?