Pine Line Half Marathon Race Preview

On Saturday, I’m running the Pine Line half marathon in Medford.  This is probably the closest half marathon for me (they also have a full marathon, 3/4 marathon, marathon relay and a 5K).  It is only about 25 minutes from home, so I’ll get to enjoy a night in my own bed before the race.

I don’t know a lot about this course, and they don’t have much of a website.  I know that it is mostly trails and that as of Tuesday, there was still snow on parts of the course.  I’m thinking I will wear an old pair of shoes.

My plan is to head up to Medford about an hour or so before the 8:00 am start time so that I have time to find a place to park and to pick up my race packet.  From the reviews that I’ve read about this course, I probably shouldn’t expect much fanfare.  It is an out-and-back course and since it is on the trails, there isn’t much in the way of spectators. 

Coming off my Oshkosh half marathon on Sunday, it is hard for me to even focus on another race so soon.  Oshkosh was my goal race for the year.  Everything else is gravy!  (And I’m been nursing a little bit of delayed onset muscle soreness for most of the week.)  Oh, and did I mention that I’ve never run on trails?  🙂

Since I can’t go into a race without goals, here is what I’m hoping will happen on Saturday:

C Goal: Have fun.

B Goal: Somewhere between 2:15-2:25.  I have no idea how trail-y the trail is.  It might be pretty soft and that could slow me down.  I’ve heard that the last three miles are uphill.

A Goal: Enjoy myself, don’t trip while running on the trail.  Finish with a smile on my face!  (This is the real goal for this race.)

Naturally, in Wisconsin there is this little thing called ‘weather’ that has the potential to wreak havoc on the best laid plans.  But, things are looking up for the weekend!

That temperature looks perfect.  It shouldn’t rain, or be too windy.  Dare I say that this is spring weather!

I’ll be back in a few days with another race recap.  Have a great weekend!

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