Turkey Trot Race Preview

I am so excited to be running the local Turkey Trot again this year.  This is only the second year it has taken place in Marshfield.  I ran it last year and I really want to make it a tradition.  I wasn’t sure it was going to happen this year because we have spent a lot of money on races this year.  But…my husband surprised me a couple weeks ago by registering us for the event.  (sometimes he just gets me)

It is going to be a very cold morning, but I am looking forward to starting my holiday with a wonderful 5 mile run…especially since I’ll be spending a good portion of the rest of the day sitting in the car.

The race starts and ends at the high school in Marshfield.  It doesn’t make for a very interesting course, but it is the only spot in town with enough parking.


Tim and I are planning to run this race together.  Neither of us feels the need to run it very fast, so we will just take it based on how we feel.  Or, we’ll run as fast as we can to get back to the warmth of the building!

My goal for this race is to just have a good time…and to use it as a dress rehearsal for the next race of the weekend.  I’ll be running a 15K on Sunday (hoping to PR that distance) and it is going to be almost as cold, so I want to make sure I have the appropriate attire for the weather.  Oh, and there is pie!  I love pie!!


Who else is turkey trotting on Thursday?

2 thoughts on “Turkey Trot Race Preview

  1. Great racing coming up, Heather!! Enjoy it!! i’m actually volunteering at our local Turkey Trot…a neat race…free entry but we ask people to bring food for the local Food Bank or make a contribution. Last year we got 2,000 lbs of food and $1,600 for a little 5K race!! Run well!!

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